Location Based Advertising

Digital out of Home

We connect advertisers with the most popular locations! Never before has the advertising.
Vendooh makes it possible. At the point of entertainment.

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Meet your customers at the most popular locations in Germany. Locally, regionally or nationally.

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The personalized tv channel for your bar. Create a unique vibe and a relaxed atmosphere in your lounge.

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High quality content

You choose the channels, we pick the best content for your screen and create a personalized station.

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How much is it?

It’s free. No set-up fees, no hidden costs, no small prints. It’s free. forever.

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Genuine entertainment

We do not broadcast any advertising. We only broadcast selected content, that is approved by our team, that is entertaining and interesting for end consumers and do not disturb the vibe.

And the best part is: Starting from 1 EUR / day

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