Your brand.

Advertised genuinely.

Addressable TV

Place your brand in the large L-shaped switch-in format to match the current content. Your brand always appears when a matching content is displayed.

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Powered By

Present selected content, always with your logo. From product placement content, to categories or in a partner bar of your choice!

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Cut In

As an alternative to Adresseable TV, we place your advertising in a customized format with selected content or categories.

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Shoppable TV

We create a microsite for your advertising campaigns – or messages for your marketing funnel and for your taget group acquisition.

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The guarantor for brand development and for getting the most attention is a classical commercial between 7 and 20 seconds.

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Genuine entertainment

We do not broadcast any advertising. We only broadcast selected content, that is approved by our team, that is entertaining and interesting for end consumers and do not disturb the vibe.

And the best part is: Starting from 1 EUR / day

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